How to Get Your CPP Statement

The CPP (Canada Pension Plan) is a government-organized plan to secure a portion of retirement income for Canadians. Anyone who is employed and over the age of 18 automatically makes contributions. Your CPP statement details how much you have contributed to CPP throughout your working years, and will help in estimating the income you will receive.

There are three ways to obtain your CPP statement:


You can view and print your CPP statement on the My Service Canada website. You will need to follow the instructions for creating an account if you don’t already have one.


  1. Have your Social Insurance Number ready.
  2. Call Service Canada:  1-800-277 9914 – follow the prompts to get information on CPP and your “statement of contributions”.
  3. You will eventually be given the option to speak to a service representative. After providing your Social Insurance Number and identifying yourself, you may request that your statement be mailed to you.

(Note: If you are a couple, each individual will have to call Service Canada for themselves.)


You can write to this address to request a copy of your statement:

Contributor Client Services
Canada Pension Plan
Service Canada
PO Box 818 Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 2N4