What Clients Say

“I first knew Banasha is her role as a consulting actuary for the company where I worked. Banasha did a wonderful job as a consultant showing great expertise in helping us develop certain  life insurance products for the North American market. I wanted to purchase some life insurance and knowing Banasha as knowledgeable with insurance products and based on my very positive experience working with her, I immediately asked her to help me find the right insurance for me. Banasha provided very good advice and helped me get the insurance I wanted at a very good price. Insurance is a complicated product and many companies offer similar products; Banasha’ s expertise allows her to understand and offer the best products to meet one’s needs. She is also a great person to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for financial products.”

– Dave Dickson

“Banasha is an inspiring trainer. Her sessions are well-prepared and delivered with great clarity and passion. I knew Banasha from a training session on networking for undergraduate students. She brought in a lot of industry experience, which made the training relevant and interesting. It is also noteworthy that she continued her support to her training participant (me) even after the session was done. Through the years, she provided me with lots of good career advice and has always been a caring mentor to me. I appreciate her guidance in helping me reach my goals.”

-Laura Ni, Actuarial Associate

“Everyone, from our most junior Underwriter to our most senior, felt the session was thought provoking and helpful! That is a rare talent to be able to speak to a room with such varied experience and backgrounds and make it relevant for all.” -T. Goddard, Underwriting Consultant, Portage Design Group

“Very clear and engaging style. Banasha was amazing! Great speaker.”   -Feedback from LOMA’s Insurance Immersion attendee, December 2015